About Me

Ferry Sungkunon Raja Sinaga, was born in a small city in North Sumatera Indonesia. I moved to Soposurung Balige (another small village) to enter Senior High School at SMU-2 Yasop. Moved to Yogyakarta on 2000 to enter Gajah Mada University (6month), and then Bandung (West Java) on 2001. Having finished Bachelor Degree majoring in Civil Engineering-Construction Management on 24 September 2005 then start my profesional experience in Construction at Aceh Tsunamy Recovery Programs. On November 2007 join an EPC Company in Jakarta, and was assigned for Coal Fired Power Plant in Banten.

I was married on 21 Desember 2009 and now, we are waiting for a kid to come down to the earth:)


2 Responses to About Me

  1. shalom..Horas Appara..Ahu Pahotan Antonima Sinaga..na hu alap boru ni Raja i boru Nababan..na hubereng do profile ni appara di Linkedin..

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